Victim of Crypto SIM-Swap Attack Uses Bitcoin Transaction to Sue Thieves

A California man, Ryan Dellone, who lost $100,000 in a 2021 SIM-swapping attack, is taking legal action against the unknown holder of a cryptocurrency wallet containing his stolen funds. This case is believed to be the first instance where a federal court acknowledges using information from a bitcoin transaction, such as a link to a civil claim, as a means of providing notice to the defendant. Dellone claims thieves executed an unauthorized SIM-swap, leading to the theft of his bitcoin, and alleges that Coinbase, where the funds were siphoned, ignored multiple red flags. His lawyer, Ethan Mora, is pursuing a unique legal strategy, seeking a default judgment by serving notice to the bitcoin address associated with the theft. Legal experts suggest this approach could streamline the process for victims to recover stolen crypto funds without relying solely on law enforcement.

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