Solana Users Targeted in $4.17 Million Phishing Scam: Rainbow Drainer and Node Drainer Deplete Assets

Scam Sniffer’s recent tracking reveals an alarming surge in phishing websites targeting Solana users, resulting in the theft of approximately $4.17 million from 3947 victims. Rainbow Drainer, identified after an airdrop phishing incident, exploited curiosity among ZERO token holders, leading to losses of $2.14 million. Additionally, a new phishing campaign, now without NFT deployments, targets MEMEDROP, highlighting evolving tactics.

The perpetrators, utilizing a self-hosted Matomo instance, aim to enhance conversion rates. Node Drainer, implicated in Christmas and Mandiant’s Twitter hacking campaigns, caused losses of $2.02 million in less than two weeks. With a main profiteer already cashing out $1 million via AllBridge to Ethereum, the complex phishing signatures on Solana involve direct transfers and exploit anti-simulation methods, posing a significant threat to user assets.

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