SIM Swapping Hacker Ordered to Forfeit $5.2 Million in Bitcoin and Sports Car for Crypto Theft from Northern California Executives

September 9, 2023.

federal judge has mandated that Ahmad Wagaafe Hared, a hacker accused of pilfering cryptocurrency from Northern California crypto executives, forfeit nearly $5.2 million worth of Bitcoin and a sports car to the U.S. government. Hared, who began his activities as a teenager in 2016, allegedly collaborated with co-conspirators to target cryptocurrency executives in Northern California, employing SIM swapping techniques to seize victims’ phone numbers and gain unauthorized access to their email and cryptocurrency accounts. The lucrative scheme led to the theft of substantial amounts of cryptocurrency. While Hared entered a plea agreement in 2019, many case documents remain sealed, and the exact charges he faced are undisclosed. The forfeiture order also mentions a related case involving Anthony Francis Faulk, who pleaded guilty to a SIM-swapping scheme targeting cryptocurrency executives and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Image courtesy of CAR AND DRIVER

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