Secret Bitcoiner Users of Monero – Come Out Of The Shadows

I write this post to those of you who have already done their objective analysis of Monero and have concluded it has merit. This post aims to convince you that now is a suitable and safe time to come out of the shadows and publicly voice your support of Monero. Why should you believe me? Because I have done it, I’ll share the positive consequences of doing so.

The following Twitter thread by Seth For Privacy matches my experience with Bitcoiners who also support and use Monero.

One of the biggest takeaways for me from #Monerotopia22 and #BANB2022 was that the momentum behind the scenes for #Monero is immense and largely going unnoticed. There is a huge and rapidly growing user-base for Monero that doesn’t talk about it but are already using the tools. Every merchant or project I talked to either accepts Monero, is working on accepting/integrating it, or wanted to learn how to accept/integrate it. The few people who didn’t already use Monero asked for more info and wanted to get started immediately. Many people were interested in learning how to mine Monero, even at a large scale. Once people grasp the “just press send” aspect of using Monero while preserving privacy, it’s adoption by freedom-loving people is inevitable. Exciting times, and so much to do. P.S — there are *many* prominent Bitcoiners that are already Monero users (and often power users) behind the scenes. The more I get to know the more surprised I am at how many of them won’t publicly get behind Monero (yet) but see it’s value to their own freedom and privacy.

For empirical proof, read the following tweet from Cake Wallet:

On March 6th, 2022, I appeared on Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did podcast for the third time, and we briefly discussed Monero. The following tweet is a discussion clip with 94 retweets, 15 quote tweets, 352 likes, and 39 replies.

Now I’ll list five reasons you should affirm your usage and support of Monero.

1) You will encourage others to adopt Monero.

2) If you’re a Bitcoin entrepreneur or content creator, you’ll gain a new segment of customers, Monero users. You’ll also be able to stack Monero without using KYC/AML third-party exchanges. I learned this first-hand when we began accepting Monero at Guns N’ Bitcoin on October 31st, 2021:

3) The minimal blowback you might receive will either be non-sense arguments or from individuals who lack the most basic understanding of Monero and Bitcoin and lack any cypherpunk principles. You can dismiss the opposition in one sigh.

4) You’ll be in good company; you’ll share Satoshi Nakamoto’s perspective on Monero.

Nick Szabo recognizes the complementarity of Monero with Bitcoin.

5) You’ll feel better about yourself. When you stop self-censoring, you overcome your irrational fear of others’ opinions. You’ll gain the confidence to express other experiences and ideas. Finally, you’ll enlarge your circle of friends. When you openly talk about Monero, other supporters of Monero will reply to your tweets or direct message you.

You get started with publicly sharing your interest or use of Monero by following, retweeting, liking, or replying to tweets from level-headed Monero advocates such as Seth For Privacy and Don’t Trace Me Bruh. Seth For Privacy will appear on the What Bitcoin Did podcast, so share the episode when it gets published. And finally, share this blog post!

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