Project Spartacus – Inscribing Wikileaks Afghan War Logs On Bitcoin

Project Spartacus, at the intersection of journalism and peer-to-peer technology, uses Ordinals, a metaprotocol leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain for decentralized and immutable publishing. With a mission to highlight freedom in communication, Spartacus utilizes Ordinal inscriptions to permanently store 76,000 logs from the war in Afghanistan. This groundbreaking initiative ensures censorship resistance, allowing users to contribute to the blockchain, creating an uncensorable repository of The Afghan War Logs.

Users participate by publishing logs, determining fees for inscription, and the collected Bitcoin is donated to charities promoting press freedom. The innovative Parent/Child inscription schema connects each War Log, and SVG files provide a visual representation of the logs, reinforcing the project’s mantra: “I AM ASSANGE.” This pioneering approach represents a paradigm shift in publishing, marking a durable and historic method of information storage.

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