Project Atlas, Led by Eurosystem Partners, Unveils First Proof of Concept Offering Insight into Global Cryptoasset Flows

October 13, 2023.

Project Atlas, a collaborative initiative involving the Eurosystem partners Deutsche Bundesbank and De Nederlandsche Bank, has introduced a data platform aimed at illuminating the macroeconomic significance of cryptoasset markets and decentralized finance (DeFi). In response to the lack of transparency and potential risks associated with these emerging financial ecosystems, Project Atlas combines off-chain data from crypto exchanges with on-chain data from public blockchains, offering tailored information for central banks and financial regulators. The first proof of concept focuses on international cryptoasset flows, providing initial insights into cross-border capital movements. While acknowledging the preliminary nature of the findings, Project Atlas aims to enhance understanding and analysis of cryptoasset markets, offering a potential public good for the broader central banking community.

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