Netgear and Hyundai MEA Twitter Accounts Hacked to Promote Cryptocurrency Wallet Drainer Scams

January 8, 2024.

The official Twitter accounts of Netgear and Hyundai MEA, boasting a combined 160,000 followers, have been hijacked in the latest wave of attacks pushing cryptocurrency wallet drainer scams. While Hyundai swiftly regained control and removed malicious links, Netgear is yet to regain access, allowing attackers to continue tweeting. In the Hyundai case, the attackers rebranded the account to impersonate Overworld, a cross-platform multiplayer RPG. Netgear’s compromised account, active since January 6th, lured followers with promises of $100,000 for the first 1,000 newly registered users, leading to a malicious site stealing assets and NFTs. This incident adds to the growing trend of verified government and business accounts being targeted for crypto scams, emphasizing the need for heightened cybersecurity vigilance.

Tweet by @SecuriTears

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