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Ordinals 2023 Keynote

“What Will You Inscribe?”

Recorded Live at the Ordinals 2023 Conference, on May 18, 2023.

What Bitcoin Did

“A Bitcoin Civilization with Ragnar Lifthrasir – Episode 471”

Pro-freedom principles are deep-rooted in the American psyche. Liberty is a cornerstone of the US Constitution, which seeks to protect individuals from arbitrary and unreasonable restraint. The Constitution codifies what freedom means for the individual and the state, yet debate on the surface level extents of freedom in modern America mean deeper reasoning is lost.

Polarised discourse misses that freedom expects from the individual as much as it provides. An individual must hold and display certain values within a working pro-freedom society. This ideal comes from the ancient Greeks’ philosophy of stoicism: citizens should apply the virtues of wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance. As Aurelius would put it “be a good person”.

If the citizens and the state can both respect each other and act with values that are in concert with each other, then a pro-freedom civilization is possible with all the benefits that this brings. But if the state is oppressive, the rational actions of the affect individuals, and the long-term consequences for their civilization, are obviously going to be antithetical to progress.

In our fast-paced ‘fiat’ system where debate is dominated by short-form communication, we are too quick to prejudge and pigeonhole people. Pro-freedom advocates are associated with far-right politics. Yet, any long-form conversation with pro-freedom advocates indicates this ideology appeals to a wide political spectrum as it is predicated on sound and sustainable principles.

In short, slowing down and spending time with people we find our commonality exceeds our differences. That is the Bitcoin way.

In this interview, I talk to Ragnar Lifthrasir from Guns N’ Bitcoin. We discuss what it means to be pro-freedom, the role of the state, the importance of values to build good civilizations, Bitcoin groupthink, printed guns, and the safe gun culture.

Opt Out Podcast

“Special Episode: Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin conference special with Ragnar Lifthasir”

This episode, we’re taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conference I’ll be attending and speaking at in April, Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin, and learn more about it from the creator, Ragnar.

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

“Looking Forward to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin”

On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Ragnar Lifthrasir discussed his upcoming event, Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin.

Tucson Bitcoin Podcast

“Guns, Bitcoin, and Cancel Proofing Yourself with Ragnar Lifthrasir”

I had a great conversation with Ragnar Lifthrasir of Guns N’ Bitcoin. We talked about cancel proofing yourself, Marxism/Leninism in American culture, and self-sufficiency.

Timeline Earth – The Signal

“TS3 – Ragnar Lifthasir”

On this episode we’re joined by Ragnar from Guns N Bitcoin to discuss an upcoming conference in Texas: Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin. This is a great episode even if you’re not in the guns or bitcoin world, really interesting discussion for anyone in the liberty community. 

BASED with Nixops

“Special Guest Ragnar Lifthasir” – September 10, 2020

Livestream discussing Bitcoin privacy, security, and a circular economy.

Bitcoin Magazine

“Can KYC AML Stop Bitcoin?” – August 4, 2020

Hosted by Matt Odell, Parker Lewis and Ragnar, debate whether financial regulations can stop bitcoin. This was a session of Bitcoin Magazine’s #HashingItOut session on their Bitcoin Independence Day live stream.

Stephan Livera #189

“Should You Spend Bitcoin Now?” – July 5, 2020

There’s a lot of heated discussion about Bitcoin HODLing vs Spending, the circular economy, and what actions build on Bitcoin’s censorship resistance. Ragnar Lifthrasir of Guns N Bitcoin joins me for a discussion on this topic.

What Bitcoin Did #228

“Spending Bitcoin” – May 27, 2020

Bitcoin’s immune system has evolved from years of defeating threats, staving off bad actors and protecting the core principles of the network. 

Many Bitcoiners consider Bitcoin as gold 2.0, threatening the corrupt practices of central banking. As such, small blocks, the fee market and hodling are essential components of defeating fiat. With such staunch views from within the community, even just opening up these topics for debate can see a backlash from Bitcoiners.

Why has spending Bitcoin become such a contentious issue for some? It was the Silk Road and Wikipedia, which proved the importance of censorship resistance, enabling people to circumvent oppressive government rules.

Developers working on Bitcoin are held to the highest levels of scrutiny, and rightly so, but why aren’t the ideas around Bitcoin usage equally scrutinised? 

In this interview, I talk to Ragnar Lifthrasir from Guns N’ Bitcoin. We discuss the Bitcoiner narratives, why spending Bitcoin is as important as hodling, libertarianism, guns and the 2nd amendment

Bottomshelf Bitcoin #51

“Guns N’ Bitcoin” – September 5, 2019

Ragnar Lifthrasir joins me to talk about his project Guns N’ Bitcoin, helping bitcoiners and gun owners understand both. We talk about their pistol and hardware wallet case, the similar natures of gun and bitcoin communities and the new GnB podcast.

What Bitcoin Did #148

“Ragnar Lifthrasir on Guns N’ Bitcoin” – September 17, 2019

“America has the highest number of civilian-owned guns in the world, with around 40% of people owning or living in a house with firearms. The right to own a gun is firmly embedded within the US constitution and to many Americans, removing their ability to do so would be an attack on their civil liberty.

Since 1982 there have been over 110 mass shootingsin the U.S alone. With every mass shooting, the media spotlight is drawn towards U.S gun laws and polls show that the majority of Americans are now dissatisfied with them.

However, as mass shootings only account for a small proportion of all gun deaths, is it unfair to remove the right to bear arms from U.S citizens? Should the small number of incidents change the law for the vast majority of responsible gun owners?

It is easy to draw comparisons between guns and Bitcoin as both align with libertarian principles. Where guns give you the owner the ability to protect themselves from individuals and tyrannical gove, Bitcoin allows holders to protect yourself from corrupt financial systems and poor state monetary policies.

For this polarising topic, I am joined by Bitcoiner and gun advocate Ragnar Lifthrasir from Guns N’ Bitcoin. We discuss the culture of guns in America, if there should be a limit to the type of weapon you can buy, Bitcoin and privacy.”

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