Hacker’s Lavish Lifestyle and Alleged $24 Million Cryptocurrency Theft Unveiled in Civil Lawsuit

January 15, 2019.

Nicholas Truglia, a 21-year-old Manhattan resident accused of orchestrating SIM swap attacks to steal tens of millions in cryptocurrencies, faces disturbing revelations in a civil lawsuit filed by one of his alleged victims, cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin. The documents present a chilling portrait of Truglia, who reportedly stole from family members, including his father, and even targeted a deceased individual. The lawsuit claims Truglia bragged about the $24 million hack, offering friends trips to the Super Bowl with “porn star escorts.” The suit provides supporting documents, including an affidavit from Chris David, an acquaintance of Truglia, who describes the hacker’s opulent lifestyle, including accounts with millions in cash and cryptocurrencies. Truglia’s activities also allegedly involved a failed SIM swap attempt witnessed by David at a Times Square AT&T store in August 2018.

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