Crypto Wallet CEO Loses $125,000 in Phishing Scam

January 5, 2024.

Bill Lou, co-founder of Nest Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet startup, revealed his devastating experience of losing $125,000 to a phishing scam. Falling victim to a crypto airdrop scam, Lou mistakenly visited a phishing domain impersonating a legitimate website. Despite being the CEO of a wallet startup, Lou expressed his shock at the incident. The scam, disguised as an airdrop promotion, exploited a now-removed Medium article, redirecting users to the phishing domain lessfeesandgas[.]io. Lou acknowledged his error and shared the transaction details of the loss, emphasizing that his wallet, if used, could have prevented the scam. However, some users criticized Lou’s claim, highlighting that no wallet is foolproof. The incident underscores the prevalence of cryptocurrency scams and the need for heightened security awareness in the blockchain community.

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